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♥ Klenspop Review 

Bunny Color Brown

Todays Review is about Circle lenses from the store : Klenspop
Another Circellenses Review! Yay!!

I never wore natural colored circlelenses like these brown ones before.Im more into the Animeish styled Circle lenses with strong colors so I was really curious to try out these ones!

Lets take a first look:

The delivery was very fast (5 days from asia to germany)

Lets unpack!

The box were wrapped up tightly in squishy foam packaging.(In the background u can see a little Instructions how to put on Circle lenses.That may help some people.Thank you!)


They arrived in a little package together with  a lense case and a piler to take the lenses out of the lens case safetly.Thank you for that!Never saw such a thing before.

So here are the lenses!Dont they look awesome!?

I was really excited to try them on because like I told you I never wore such pretty natural lenses.
(Remember to wait 6-8 hours before wearing them!)
Let's see how they look!!

Arent they Pretty!? After I put them in I was so surprised because they look so beautiful!

They cover up my real eye color and blend perfectly.You barely cant see that Im wearing circle lenses.

It consisist two colors.Dark brown on the outer edge followed by a  mixture of a brighter and a darker brown on the inner edge. That makes the circle lenses look very natural!

The page says they're 14mm big, but I think they're a bit bigger because the  enlarge effect is good!

I can wear them for several hours without any problems.


 Design~ 4/5

The design is very natural.Lovely!

Color~ 5/5

The color covers up and blend with my real eye color  perfectly!

Enlargement~ 3/5

Not that big but quite enough.

Comfort~ 4/5

Can wear them for many hours.They don't dry my eyes out. 

Naturalness~ 5/5

Thats it! I have to say that Im really surprised by these pretty lenses.Im very happy that I tried them out! I want to try out more natural lenses in the future (maybe :P)

 What do you think of the Bunny Color series?
Thanks for reading! Find the Bunny Color series here! 

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