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♥ Klenspop Review 

Dandy Brown

Finally a new Circlelenses Review for you! This time about Klenspop again!They sponsored me two(!) Circellenses which I review for you.

So lets start with a few Pictures ^-^

The delivery took a bit longer this time.I think 15 working days.But thats because the German Post is protesting at the moment. (that sucks...)

The packages were wrapped up tightly in squishy foam packaging so that they dont get damaged.

 Love the Korean design of the packages


They arrived in a little package together with  a lense case and a piler to take the lenses out of the lens case safetly.

So these are the lenses which I want to show you today! (I review the other ones soon too!)
Like always I was very exited to try them out.This is my second natural brown pair from klenspop and I was very curious if the Dandy series look as good as the other ones!
Sooo lets finally put them on!!

Sweeet!I really like them!The pattern is almost unvisible on my eye that make it look somehow creamy!It covers up and match just fine with my real eye color!
The pattern is very simple.It consisist two colors.Dark brown on the outer edge followed by a  mixture of a brighter and a darker brown on the inner edge. That makes the circle lenses look very natural!The're 14,2mm big

I can wear them for several hours without any problems.


 Design~ 4/5

Patterns is simple and almost unvisible.Looks quite natural

Color~ 4/5

The color covers up and blend with my real eye color  perfectly!

Enlargement~ 3/5

14,2mm.Not that big but quite enough to make your eye look dolly.

Comfort~ 5/5

Can wear them for many hours.They don't dry my eyes out. 

Naturalness~ 4/5

Thats it!!

If you looking for pretty brown lenses you should check these one out!

 What do you think of the Dandy series?
Thanks for reading! Find the Dandy series here! 

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