Montag, 3. August 2015

♥ Cosplaysky Review 

Love Live! Valentine's day! Nico Yazawa

Hello! Todays Review is about Cosplaysky! I love this shop and I already bought 2 Nico Yazawa Cosplays from there, which Im very satisfied with! 
After that I contacted the shop,We talked about sponsorship etc. and a few mails later I could pick one cosplay of my choice!

I decided for the Valentines Cosplay because I love the red and pink colors together and I looks very comfortable!

The cosplay arrived within 3-4Weeks I think.
I picked the standart size M an it fits percetly 
(My Measurements: Chest: 91cm. Waist: 70cm. hips: 85cm. Height: 165cm)

The package included: Coat+Skirt+T-Shirt+Stockings+Straps+Heardwear.
Almost everything you need expect for the shoes.

Lets take a closer look!!!


The Fabric is very smooth and comfortable to wear!
And the printed details are just awesome!


The logos were printed on really well.
The goldent lace fabric is really pretty too.


The little hearts are to cute!


Very well made and fits perfectly!


 I really love the details and the Nico Yazawa writing is so beautiful.
The little ribbons are very cute too!

Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with everything :)

The costume fits perfectly,its very comfortble and the fabric is super smooth + the details are just awesome and cute!!
Im so happy to have this cosplay its one of my favorites now! If you thinking about buying a cosplay from Cosplaysky: DO IT!
You definetly wotn regret it!I now have 3 Cosplay from cosplay sky and all three are well made, comfortable and beautiful

Here are some wearing Pictures for you!


Thanks for reading! 

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