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Uniqso Review


 EOS New Adult Browns

Hello everybody! I finally have a new review for you! This time from one of the most popular Shops : Uniqso !

I always searched for  light brown/ yellowish lenses that cover up my natural eye color, so I was looking forward to test these ones.
These lenses are the first one from the EOS Series  I've ever tried.

The delivery was veeery fast (4 days for germany).

The contents of the package! 
They arrived in a little package
together with a lense case.

Here are some more Picture from the unpacking :

After I opend the package I couldn't wait to try them on!
Let's see how they look!!

These are beautiful lenses! I wish the pattern covered a bit more of the iris.

Its a beautiful light not too showy Brown/Yellow that cover up my real eye color perfectly.
It consisist two colors,the black border on the outer edge followed by the light brown on the inner edge.
They're 14mm big, so the enlarge effect is quite good but not too much.

I can wear them for several hours without any problems.Sometimes I even forget I'm wearing them!

I tried them out with a cool red fire/Phoenix-ish make-Up style!
It really looked perfect with those lenses! Couldn't think of any better ones for it!

Here you can see another more cuter style for which I used the EOS new Adult brown Circlelenses!
Like on the picture above thes suit the style very good!
I hope you like it too!

Aaaaand becose I loved the lenses sooo much on the pictures here is another one with another diffrent style

♥ Rating 

Design: 4/5 ☆
Love the design! perfect for Anime Characters.

Color: 4/5 ☆
The color covers up and blend with my real eye color  perfectly!

Enlargement: 4/5 ☆
14,mm.Not that big but quite enough to make your eye look dolly.

Comfort~ 5/5 ☆
Can wear them for many hours.They don't dry my eyes out. 

Naturalness: 3/5 ☆
Not natural but perfect for Cosplay and similar things!

Not much natural about these lenses, but I like them that way! 
I wasn't going for natural when I picked these lenses out.

Well, that's it! 
If you looking for pretty brown lenses you should check these one out!

What do you think of the EOS Series ?
Thanks for reading! Find the entire EOS series here

Thanks to Uniqso for letting me try out these lenses ! The support of the shop is awesome and very kind. Thanks for everything! I hope I can collaborate more with you in the future. 

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